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Blog to the Oldskool Radio – September 21st (Chicago / Detroit / UK House & Techno special)

Here’s my set of mine from a week and a half ago on jungletrain. Instead of playing any hardcore/jungle, I decided to bust out a bunch of my best Chicago, Detroit and UK house and Techno vinyl… labels like Trax & KMS, some UK bleep stuff, etc. Lots of moderately rare and hard-to-find records, though there’s some unknown bargain bin tracks as well. I also threw in a newer track off an old friend’s label near the end, along with an edit/remix of a classic Belgian tune I made last year… everything else is 80’s-early 90’s range though.

The live recording got messed up so I rerecorded it, meant to wait to try one more time instead I just chopped a few bits out and think it’s pretty good this way. Since this stuff isn’t my primary forte, I have no idea how this mix stacks up against other classic house+ techno mixes, but regardless it’s nice for me to finally have so many of my favorite tunes in one mix.

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