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8205-002 Release Info: DJ Exodus & Head Pressure – “Dreadkiller” EP

After what seems like ages waiting for the right moment to release info, it’s finally time for the next 8205 release info to come to light: DJ Exodus + Head Pressure – The Dreadkiller EP. This release, done in collaboration with 7th Storey Projects, contains four absolutely wicked tracks by DJ Exodus + Head Pressure (of Tearin Vinyl/Skeleton fame), written back in the mid-90s which sadly never saw release on EP until now. The A side features two extremely dark tracks, one which comes across as a rawer and more frantic mix of “fury”, the other which is a bit deeper and an extremely moody jungle tune I’ve gotten several ID request for in mixes. The B side of the EP is in a more laid back style, one ragga tune and one more slow-jam style track, still featuring frantic beatwork to match the A side. All in all there’s something for every jungle fan on this release, whether you prefer moody tracks, upfront ragga tracks, or (like most) are into anything as long as it’s good.

Audio snippets of the 4 tracks on the EP (still premastered):

Both Exodus and Head Pressure (along with Crazy J, who collaborated on two of the tracks on this EP) are well known veterans in the jungle/hardcore scene going back to its very inception. Exodus with Dubkore Records and A BoogieNight’s Night, Head Pressure and Crazy J with The Disco Hustler Sound System. Aside from their collab EP on Tearin’ Vinyl, some of you might recognize Head Pressure from the Narcosis EP, a ridiculously bass heavy 92 small label release which is always a personal favorite tune to draw for 92 sets. For his part, DJ Exodus released several absolutely essential 92 tunes on Skeleton including “A Classic Skank”. As good as those tunes were, I’ve been playing these 4 tracks pretty much since the last 8205 release came out and can comfortably say they stand up to the release ones – it’s beyond me why they never saw release back then!

Since the tunes are so wicked, Seventh Storey and I are pulling out “all the stops” with this release – cut and mastered by a highly respected engineer (Beau Thomas of the classic jungle/dnb group Intense), pressing on quality opaque green vinyl, limited to 250 copies for sale. Anticipated release date is towards the end of November, however preorders before October 26th are entered in a raffle to win one of two test press copies. Given how quickly 8205-001 sold out, I’d definitely recommend a preorder of this as well… I’d like to avoid having to tell friends there’s no copies left this time around!

Preorder and sound snippets available via Seventh Story Projects:

Preorder DJ Exodus + Head Pressure – Dreadkiller EP

4 Replies to “8205-002 Release Info: DJ Exodus & Head Pressure – “Dreadkiller” EP”

  1. Great news! fantastic collaboration guys, well done for what is being done so far and what a great closing of a year 2014! Year Of Vinyl 😀

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