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E-Mense – Sweet Sex

Here’s a 92 track I’ve never heard anyone talk about / haven’t heard in mixes, but which was on my wants list for years. It wasn’t a top want so I wasn’t heavily digging for it, but I never really saw copies for sale either. Sort of one of those smaller tunes which seemed to have disappeared into the ether. That all changed around October of last year, when a ton of copies started to show up online, all from one Discogs seller. As of writing this there’s 25 unplayed copies for sale, all listed at 2.99, all from the same seller who sold me mine back then. So I guess anyone else who wants a copy won’t have to wait as long as I did.

Tune-wise, this EP is fun and ravey 91-92 type stuff – nothing too out there or grimey sample-or sequencing wise. Nice stab patterns combine with a snippet from the classic Loleatta Holloway “Love Sensation” acapella and the Terminator breakbeat (I forget its real name) in a not-atypical but definitely enjoyable way – a solid mixing track for sure. The artist and label behind this did a few other similar EPs which were a bit earlier and hence even more in the 91 hardcore mold, also decent but I don’t rate them as much as this tune. They’re a bit tougher to find, but who knows, maybe some boxes of those will show up some day as well?

E-Mense – Sweet Sex

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