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DJ Fokus

DJ Fokus is without a doubt one of my favorite of the lesser known 93-95 artists. Originally releasing on the label Blueprint Records, his first release “The Theme” bw “Disengaged” is an in-demand amen smasher, fetching high prices these days. He followed this EP up with a solo outing on the same label, before releasing 2 EPs on his own label Suicide Records. All of these EPs featured heavily cut up beats and deep atmospherics, as well as the engineering talent of the amazing Pete Parsons. Following the Suicide Records releases, he did several more EPs on Dee Jay and Lucky Spin, also engineered by Pete Parsons (who engineered many of those tunes), before disappearing from the dnb world.

DJ Fokus – Chill Out

DJ Fokus – Watch Out

DJ Fokus – Get a Bearing

Probably my favorite track by DJ Fokus is “Brave New World”, off one of his later EPs on Lucky Spin. The other side of this release might be more well known, having been featured on the popular Promised Land Vol 1 compilation. However, “Brave New World” has some of the sickest drum programming I’ve heard in any tracks from that time.

DJ Fokus – Brave New World

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  1. I’ve been trying to find out who did/get hold of ‘Watch Out’ since my first introduction to Jungle, which was a mix tape of Bukem playing at Moving Shadow’s 3rd birthday party… never managed to find out what it was, although picked up a number of other Fokus tunes along the way. Absolutely mental tune, one of the top 5 that made me fall in love with Jungle. Big thanks!!!

  2. GET A BEARING CHOON! Peace and Love to YOu for sharing such wonderful vibes! Fokus come Back!

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