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Mind Therapy, Part 2

I already did an entry on Mind Therapy, but only scratched the surface w/ the one EP mentioned there (admittedly a great record). Here’s several more bits of their stuff.

Their first EP was on the Jack In The Box label. This label was more of a distributor (I’ve definitely seen a sticker from them on some old records I own).

This EP precedes any of their E3 EPs by 2 years, and is thus a lot slower. However, the production is quality and it’s a decent tune for sure.

Mind Therapy – Pushing Pot

Their next record was E3001, a 6 tracker with less-than-stellar production but some excellent tunes. The breaks are really nicely chopped but, because there’s 3 tracks a side and the production is a bit thin to begin with, some of these don’t hold up so well. However, there’s a 4/4 version of the “ecstacy is safe” tune off E3005, already posted in a previous entry.

Mind Therapy – Ecstacey is safe – techno mix

Mind Therapy – Drum Beats Go Like This

The next EP was a bit of an improvement…. especially of note is the B side, which features a pretty wicked cut up drum-solo in lieu of a regular funk break. Because of this + the really sparse nature of the tune, it could almost be considered “proto-choppage”, alongside the brown + dangerman tracks of the time.

Mind Therapy – Run Reel

Mind Therapy – Ruffneck Bizzness

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