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2 Da Core – Super-Ragga Sunday

Here’s 2 great tracks by 2 Da Core, best known for their “Rub a Dub” single. That main tune (which you might recognize from mix tapes, it’s that tune with the “I’m… just a rub-a-dub soldier…” sample) is great, but I prefer the B side which has some nasty squelchy synths.
2 Da Core’s other single is also choice, the A side “Na Touch” it features ragga vocals and heavy sampling of Success N Effect’s “Roll it Up” (Bass Kickin Beats). It’s pretty straightforward, but the frantic success and effect sampling part is amazing. Anyone know the ragga sources on either of these tracks? .

2 Da Core – Love thy Brother

2 Da Core – Na Touch It

4 Replies to “2 Da Core – Super-Ragga Sunday”

  1. The sample in “Love Thy Brother” is from Wailing Souls – “Fire House Rock” off the album of the same name. It was engineered (& probably produced as well) by Scientist, who did a dub of it on Scientist Rids the World of the Evil Curse of the Vampires as “The Mummy’s Shroud”. Killer tune.

    That “I’m just a rub a dub soldier” sample is from a wicked early digital dancehall tune called, fittingly enough, “Rub a Dub Soldier” by Paul Blake & the Blood Fire Posse. What other jungle tunes use it? All I can think of right now is Chris Jay – “Junglist Soldier” but I’m sure there are a bunch more.

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