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Search And Destroy – Iron Man

Another favorite track of mine by Biochip C, this is on the classic Gabber label Mokum, aside from some 4/4 in the background though this is heavily breakbeat driven, with some nice choppy breaks in the beginning. Check the genius wtf-worthy chorus part that makes the song!
The original is actually on this release as well as this release, but I ripped it from some old mokum CD comp I’ve got because my vinyl copy has a click for the first 30 seconds of “Iron Man”.

Search and Destroy – Iron Man

8 Replies to “Search And Destroy – Iron Man”

  1. Hey pete, is this opening space for some proto-whatever-core in this blog? I wouldnt mind some breakbeat driven fischkopf stuff here too. I dont know if thats your cup of tea, tho.

  2. Hey,Pete! Mate! 😉
    This Iron Man track’s been on my playlist for ages (Since when it was released,actually!) Samples breaks from Salt’n’Pepa “Push It” and many many more,too.. One of the BEST tracks from Martin Damm,indeed..

  3. iron man is the jam…def one of those tracks that sealed my love of mokum.

    one of the few oldskool tracks that alot of americans know too, because that comp got distro’d by earache.

  4. @Cutups: I remember you mixing this track into “Moonway Renegade” at Zythos at that show w/ Ryan, Fanny , Val & me a few years ago.

  5. Great tune! Last time I’ve heard it at a party was actually on New Years Eve (so not that long time ago) played by my mate Pastee on a big (mainly) Drum’n’Bass event in Berlin – the people are still going mad to this!

    If you’re also into happy hardcore stuff you should check the first Biophobia by him including “Mystery” which was even played by Marusha at Mayday rave: (from 0:36 on) 😉

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