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Wiz – Freak Sexy Style

Here’s a personal favorite of mine from the Absolute 2 label… only for fans of weird, dark, strange oldskool. No catchy anthem business here! This EP is far removed from the other Wiz EP on Detroit House, so much so it almost makes me wonder whether it’s by the same artist (Mike James). But James did a variety of styles of tunes, and this doesn’t sound too different from the Noise of Art stuff he did with Dave Nodz…so it could be by him. It’s a cool track regardless, with some unique sounding breakbeats, strange bleepy noises, and ominous synth groans and horror movie strings popping in and out. Much more the type of thing I’d expect to hear deep into a set at some ungodly hour on pirate radio rather than prime-time at a rave. I don’t think this ever featured prominently in any well known “classic” sets. It certainly isn’t a rare or hard to find record, which makes it all the more worth grabbing a copy if (like me) you like these sort of tunes.

Wiz – Freak Sexy Style

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