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Question Mark – Volume 1

Been a while since I posted some happy hardcore stuff, so here’s a personal favorite. It’s the first in a series of cheeky mashup records by Red Alert and Mike Slammer, similar in style to the SMD records Slipmatt was making except with that Red Alert + Mike Slammer lowest-fi gritty amiga production. No big surprises, just straight ahead dancefloor bombs recycling classic elements from tunes a year or 2 previous into a modern (at the time) playable format. In this case, we get Shades of Rhythm “Sound of Eden” plus the beats from Nebula 2 “Flatliners” and Dance Conspiracy “Dub War”. As an added bonus, there’s some nice pitch shifted stuff I’m hesitant to ID, anyone know it?

Question Mark – Volume 1

8 Replies to “Question Mark – Volume 1”

  1. Where does hardcore become happy hardcore? I guess it’s a fine line at that point, but the (ace) production sounds like anything else they were doing under their own names a year earlier.

  2. Oops, thanks for the heads up about the skip… just re-ripped, don’t understand why it’s so jumpy as my copy looks absolutely flawless. Anyway, check this version I just upped and see if you still hear the problem.

  3. More of this please, I love the early Slammin vinyl stuff and love that gritty lo fi amiga sound too, any chance of Dica & Vinyl groove-I Need Jungle?

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