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Blog to the Oldskool Radio January 12th 2014

Tonight’s Jungletrain show was really fun – I lost some listeners as it went on (probably because it was getting late in the UK/Europe), but I was definitely happy with the tunes played and thought it all went together well. Starting with 92 stuff, moving around between there and 95, playing mostly moody choppy stuff but also some more melodic tracks and plenty of 45house. Some personal favorites and tracks I regularly play, plus a few new / exciting things. Feel free to check it and leave your 2 cents below or on Soundcloud.


DJ Pooch- Come On
Andy C – Is Truth The Light?
45’d tune
Tango – Time bomb
Crystl – Deep Jungle
45’d tune
Ratty – Bells at Dawn
Bombsquad – Dope Remix
45’d tune
Candyman – Sensi Addict
Tek 9 – The Attack (4 hero remix)
45’d tune
Phaze 3 + Class A – Artificial Reality (Dextrous Remix)
Stakka + K Tee – Rugged + Raw (Splash Remix)
Echo Minott – Murder Wepen Jungle
Essence of Aura – Destiny
45’d tune
Double Vision – What King of world
Marc Smith – Breakdown
45’d tune
SMF – Twisted Bungle
Wise Ones – Untitled
Flat 47 – I Wanna Tell You
45’d tune
Origination – RESPECT remix
DJ Peekay – One Track Mind
45’d tune
Sunray – Amen Reprise
Koda – The deep
Alter Ego – Main Line
45’d tune
N-ZO + Invincible – Ease Yourself
Big Vern – Ruffer than a Lion
Dimension 5 – Deep Bass Nine
FBD Project – Blasted Remix
45’d tune
Two Dark Troopers – Darkcore
Crystl – Let it roll remix
Hyper-on Experience- Ouiji Awakening
Essence of Aura- distortion Cut Remix
Adrian Blunt – 1-2-3
TK Dramatic – Scarlet
LV – Speed Tune
Threshold – Fool (Antidote Remix)
Da Matrix – Let Me Know

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