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The Rave Doctor – Lost In Bass EP

Here’s one of the first EPs by Dave Wallace, the man responsible for great tracks like My God and Mind Games, not to mention some of the more underrated and overlooked 94-95 Moving Shadow releases. He’s also a current member of Aquasky. This single is a pretty varied 4 tracker, and this first a-side tune almost borders on early happy hardcore… simple and catchy.

The Rave Doctor – Untitled (a1 track)

3 Replies to “The Rave Doctor – Lost In Bass EP”

  1. there where about 10 test presses of this release that had an additional track which got taken off the general release (this is why there are 3 tracks on 1 side and 1 track in the other side. The track was removed because it had e very long sample from soft cells tainted love and the pressing plant got scared!

  2. Thanks for the info, I wondered why the tracks were broken up that way on the record. Shame about the pressing plant, real curious about that track now if it’s as good as the others!

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