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Mind Therapy – Heart of the Jungle

If there’s one prototypical “amazing but unknown” act that prompted me to start this site, it’s Mind Therapy. These guys put out 7 wicked jungle/hardcore EPs (more if you include their “Beats R Us” releases), most of which pop up frequently on discogs for 5-10 pounds or less.. and these aren’t giant pressing big label releases available in abundant quantities, either. Either these guys happen to appeal to certain aesthetic ideosyncracies of mine which the majority of oldschool fans don’t care about (mega chopped interesting beats), or people are just plain sleeping on these releases.

I’ve already posted a few of my favorite tracks by Mind Therapy HERE and HERE, but there’s one EP I haven’t posted any tracks from….. I dropped this track it in a mix a few days ago and was loving the tasty break chopping in the beginning plus the overall stripped down, minimal nature of the track. It does loose a bit of steam in the last minute or two and doesn’t really build to anything, but it’s still a fun track that’s great to mix.

Suggestion for oldschool collectors reading this who don’t have any mind therapy stuff: the next time you’re about to put down serious cash for some sought-after obscurity, go listen to the tracks on that release for a while and ask yourself if the music is even that good. Is that REALLY a 60£ tune? Or do you just want it because it’s hard to find? If it’s the latter, use the money you’d have spent on that one record to buy the entire back-catalog of releases by these guys.

Mind Therapy – Heart of the Jungle

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  1. Agree, I guess this is just another act who’s quite unknown to many oldskool lovers (as it’s with many other artists/labels). In fact I’ve seen that you and me, we’re the only ones who gave this release a 5/5 on Discogs, hehe.

    The “Murder Tune” is quite nice too (total ruffness). Cheers for posting and keep up the good work!

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