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Mad Dog – Monged Out

Here’s a wicked release by Mad Dog, known best for their tune “My God”. Both producers behind “Mad Dog” have quite a few good releases to their names – Dave Wallace did tunes as The Rave Doctor, Fugitive (“Mind Games”), Regel Alliance (“Sometimes”), under his own name on Moving Shadow, plus continues to do releases in Aquasky and Black Noise. Shaun O’Hara was also a member of Aurora, who I’ve posted one great track by and who was responsible for several other absolutely killer EPs:”Spectral Bass” which is relatively easy to find and best known for “Voice of Buddha”, and the extremely hard to find First release on Homegrown. This track is a great choppy jungle jam with a well used atmospheric bit I’ve heard in a few other tunes (maybe one by mole the dipper), pitch shifted breaks, quality breaks, etc.

Mad Dog – Monged Out

7 Replies to “Mad Dog – Monged Out”

  1. I’ve had this EP for years, but never realized that Dave Wallace & Shaun O’Hara would be behind it.. All 4 tunes are pure excellency, but this “Monged Out” was a reason why I bought it in first place.. 😉

  2. a lot of people know this tune from hearing easygroove play it at dreamscape 7 and helter skelter dec 93. it’s from 93 not 92 I think.

  3. Wicked EP, all four tracks are mustard!

    Mad Dog II (UDR 002) is another massively underrated piece of wax that EG used to cane, well worth checking out too.

  4. “My God” is one of my favourite drum and bass tunes of all time. So moody and atmospheric. If anyone could mail me the MP3 I’d be eternally grateful.

    Frank underscore 77 at hotmail dot co dot uk

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