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Omer & Crooks – Let There Be Love

If you like your pianos, this is the EP for you… it doesn’t get much more piano hardcore than, erm, “the Grand Piano” EP. Released on Strategy by Omer and Crooks (who I believe were two of the people running the label), this entire EP has the classic piano hardcore sound down to a T. Given the music focus, it’s no surprise both of the artists behind this went on to do house and garagey stuff, in fact the label went in that direction as well. As usual I’m not great with ID’ing what classic sets EPs were in, but I know Top Buzz played this in a serious 92 amnesia house set, which seems to be one of those sets people collect to (making this mildly in demand). In general, all four tracks are solid, and it was hard to pick which to post, but this one narrowly beat “Time Rock” (as featured in the TB set) as my personal favorite.

Omer and Crooks – Let there be Love

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  1. Love this EP. Topbuzz dropped Time Rock in their classic Amnesia “Book of Love” set – don’t think I ever heard it anywhere else…

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