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Lion Dog Chester – Tap Dancing (Green Light Mix)

Here’s a quite obscure jungle tune I nabbed a while back which I’ve never heard absolutely anything about – in fact, the only version listed on discogs is the test-press, though my copy is a full label press. This tells me that maybe there’s a bunch of these stashed away somewhere unsold? But for whatever reason I can’t find any references to it online. Maybe once it gets added in full label form, a bunch of people will come out of the woodwork to list it for sale, but the last copy I saw for sale was circa 2004, so… in my mind it’s pretty rare and, hence, a nice treat to share 🙂

Overall the EP sounds like it was made somewhere in the 95-96 time period, though for all I know it could have been as late as 97. It’s engineered by Helen T of IDM Records/ Strictly Jungle. In this track (probably the best), pitched amen snares punch in and out and roll up and down on top of more solid beats and some really cool strange sounding pads / noises.

While I don’t know anything about the artists themselves,the full label version I have contains quite extensive shout-outs etc on it, so hopefully someone recognizes the artists or people mentioned here and can provide some more info about the release:

Programmed by D. Leyton / E Shrager / D. McBride.
Engineered by Helen T (courtesy of Strictly Jungle) & Tony Bywaters.
Produced by E.Shrager / D. Leyton / B. Taylor (Strictly Jungle).
Shouts to: Fizz, Will, Jim Badman “The High Roller” Joolz, Abi, Jo & the Rusholme Renegades: Champagne John, Oot, Jeremy & all Scottish Badman; Respect to Alex & all Berlin Bunker Kru.
Big up all 86-91 O.E. Squad, Maximum Boost & buff respect to Barrie & Helen T. for akin’ it so easy!!
Big shout to Katie (shame about the cats), Zara & the Euston Mafia.

Hopefully that rings a bell for someone. Until then, enjoy the track and have a happy xmas!

Lion Dog Chester – Tap Dancing (Green Light Mix)

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  1. I’m glad you’ve reviewed this tune Peter, although I don’t own it on wax can’t say anything about it apart from this is my favourite of this EP. Happy new year & good luck in finding such rarities like this one!

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