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Sakana – Scream

Here’s a big tune by someone whose done quite a variety of hardcore related releases under a number of names…. starting with a couple EPs on Moving Shadow under the name DVUS, then doing several EPs under the Sakana name as well as DJ Mad Axe and Jimmy Fingers. According to his facebook page here, he was also involved early on/ helped found Kool FM. It’s interesting though because I don’t remember hearing his name being mentioned as a founding member of Kool before, all accounts have heard seemed to say that it was started by Eastman and Smurf? Maybe someone who was around + heavily involved back then can clarify…. Aside from pirate radio stuff, his other EPs at the time are quite cool – DJ Mad Axe – “Fire and Ice” is a great hardcore revamp of Steve Pointdexter “Work that Mutha Fucker”, and his “Midnight Massacre” EP is an excellent underrated darkside EP. If you listen to my radio show regularly you’ve probably heard both of those in the past since they’re personal favs. He’s got quite a few of these classic tunes posted here on Reverb Nation, so definitely check those as well.

Sakana – Scream

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  1. Mad Axe was involved with Kool FM in its early days. I don’t know about the exact level of his involvement, but he was one of the main DJ’s on there in 91-92. I have heard him on there and also bought a white label record from a bargain crate in a 2nd hand record store in London which the label was tagged “Kool 94.5FM – Mad Axe The Hellraiser” on it. It certainly checks out.

  2. Hi There read your write up and, and Just want to clarify Kool fm was Set up in 1991 By DJ Smurf & Me JOey Vasquez aka Mad Axe. It was 1st funded by the palm tree club in Edmonton and we set it up in different locations including my house and other places as a studio.
    I left the station and it was then that Eastman came into the station and I can assure you had nothing to do with it in the beginning.
    And i find it a shame that they seem to forget who did a lot of the work to get the station running which was me and Smurf.

    So everyone knows, I started out way way back before then on Sunrise 88.75fm.. I Also set up Impact fm 88.2 and run .

    Everything that I write about my past is the truth and hope this clears that up glad you liked the music by the way 🙂

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