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DJ Exodus + Head Pressure – Glass Pipe Fury

In the Shut Up & Dance interview posted a day or two ago, Droid mentioned anti-crack tunes that started showing up around 93… Here’s one from 94 on Krome & Time’s awesome Tearing Vinyl label. The artists behind this release are each responsible for previous excellent tunes – DJ Exodus did several releases on Skeleton Recordings, including the previously posted “A Classic Skank” EP. Head Pressure did the excellent Norcofis EP which, if I haven’t posted yet, I’ll definitely post sometime soon. Both tracks on this EP feature nasty heavy chopped and layered beats , and “Glass Pipe Fury” combines those beats with some sinister sparse music and samples from the Warriors (“Nobody’s Wasting Nobody!”) and New Jack City (” this crack shit, man, it’s got me!”). Excellent dark stuff.

Mp3 sounds pretty rough since my copy of this is well worn, anyone who wants a better sounding copy can grab one on discogs for 7 quid… well worth picking up since the A-side is killer as well.

Head Pressure & DJ Exodus – Glass Pipe Fury

5 Replies to “DJ Exodus + Head Pressure – Glass Pipe Fury”

  1. Noice… my favourite anti-crack tune was probly MC Special A – Crack Is Evil from Subplates 3. There’s tons of them though…

  2. rock a bye baby! I have this on white and only found out what it was about 3 months ago when i was cataloging my collection

  3. gotta thank you for all these awsome posts, still diggin to get those vibes i wasn´t able to enjoy live n direct….this “glass” an eternal classic, and the a side as killa as well with THE Don Gargon innit :-))) funny thing, by chance i was watching one of James Bond movies and got to see the scene from whence the shot and scream sample comes from, made me laugh a lot :-))

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