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Strange Loop – Random Access

Here’s an obscure 92 whitelabel I bought at some point because I mistook it for another whitelabel…oops. Still, this A-side tune is a lot of fun, perhaps too much so! “Random Access” is a total sample-fest primarily centered on the melody from Xpansions – Move Your Body, though there’s all sorts of vocal snippets chucked in there too. Whoever produced this threw in everything except the kitchen sink, then must have called a contractor and managed to get that crammed into their sampler’s disk drive as well! The B side is similarly fun, except there’s a Led Zepplin “make you sweat make you groove” sample running throughout I just can’t really handle… different strokes for different folks though. In general probably not THE most epic rare oldskool white label find, but if you don’t own it and ever see it kicking around for not-too-much in a used bin somewhere, it’s worth considering for purchase.

Strange Loop – Random Access

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