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Bug Khan & The Plastic Jam – Beware of the Bassline

Here’s a 91 jam I discovered unplayed in a basement recently… almost hurts to put the needle down on a record in this good condition 🙂 Bug Khan and the Plastic Jam are best known for their track “Made in Two Minutes”, one of the most well known hardcore tunes this shy of, say, a Prodigy track (speaking of which, “pay close attention” to 3:20 in this track…) One member also ran the incredible Labello Blanco label. This tune probably predates that label or is from the very early days, and has that classic combo of rapping over sped up hiphop breakbeats and ravey synths which were the key ingredients eventually cooked together into hardcore/jungle.

Bug Kann & The Plastic Jam – Beware Of The Bassline

2 Replies to “Bug Khan & The Plastic Jam – Beware of the Bassline”

  1. Nice tune! Love almost everything put out by Labello Blanco… Thanks for all the awesome posts, dev

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