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Blog to the Oldskool Radio – July 22nd 2013 (Bonus Session)

Yesterday I heard the person who normally does my time slot every other Sunday had cancelled… I happened to get home 2 minutes before the start of that show, jumped online and just started playing assorted stuff, including a handful of tunes off my laptop (which I haven’t been doing for the past months… been strictly vinyl).

No tracklist since I have no idea what I was playing and didn’t begin to keep track, I was just grabbing records off my wall and digging through a random crate near my turntables/a few off my PC. I guess it starts kinda dark and moody 93/94, goes into jungle, an early jump-up track or 2, even an awkwardly mixed-into jungle remix by Autechre, ending with some more laid back stuff? Some good tunes in there though, give a listen.

This upcoming Sunday (7/28) I’ll either be featuring a guest mix, or doing an “anything goes” 150-170 kind of set with jungle b2b anything else I can get the same speed as jungle on my turntables. Definitely tune in then, and if you want to know when there’s bonus sessions like this, click the “follow on twitter” button to the right or just follow @Blog2Oldskool on there.

Dev/Null – Blog to the Oldskool Radio July 22nd 2013 (Bonus Session)

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