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DJ Junk – Junk 05 B2

Here’s one of the less-in-demand EPs by DJ Junk. Junk 3 and 4 seem to be most in demand, the others are good but rather easy to pick up. The other tracks on this EP aren’t that special in my opinion, but this is a proper tune – loads of scratching, piano from Sterling Void – Don’t Wanna Go, as used in Manix – “Feel Real Good”.

DJ Junk – Volume 5 B2
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4 Replies to “DJ Junk – Junk 05 B2”

  1. I just want to say… you’re a legend for uploading this! I’d been looking for it for a while. This is the only b-boy hardcore style tune Junk really did, reminds me of DJ Trax “Time Will Tell EP” just a bit. Nice one 🙂

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