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Da Bass Invaderz – Time To Kik

Here’s one of my personal favs from the last Blog to the Oldskool radio show…. really nice overlooked 92 tune with 93 leanings (wouldn’t be surprised if the date on discogs is wrong and it’s actually from 93… but I didn’t buy it then so I can’t say for sure!) Pitched up hip hop vocals, reggae vocals, densely layered breaks and some deeper pads and melodies almost akin to Lucky Spin stuff circa 93, but with a more prominent dancehall infuence. I’m not sure who “Da Bass Invaderz” were, however Hilltop was associated with Extra Terrestrial Records and also released this nice Peter Gabriel-sampling tune, as well as a few other well regarded EPs (Mad Ragga Jon + Stetley – Fall Down on Me, etc).

Da Bass Invaderz – Time to Kik

2 Replies to “Da Bass Invaderz – Time To Kik”

  1. Nice tune. it was probably released late 92
    I’ve only heard it on an Ellis Dee set from Equinox, which was Jan 93

  2. Yep Ellis Dee used to spin this one a lot in early ’93. I have it on an Ellis Dee mix tape from The Edge which was recorded around that time.

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