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Biochip C – Agoraphobia

Here’s something a little bit different, a totally slamming acid breakbeat track by Biochip C aka Martin Damm. Mr. Damm put out some amazing tunes under a variety of aliases (including the aforementioned Biochip C, Search & Destroy, Psychic Parasite, Biobreaks, Headhunter, etc). This track is from 94 but sounds like it’d mix perfectly with 92-93 tracks.

Biochip C – Agoraphobia

4 Replies to “Biochip C – Agoraphobia”

  1. thanks so much for this. it surprised the hell out of me when i heard his music on the ghost in the shell (playstation II) soundtrack.

  2. I ended up checking out that “O” album, actually not bad early stuff!! kinda sounds like a combination of a few of his styles – one midi breakbaet-y type track like some biochip C stuff, some more regular early technoey stuff, etc.

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