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Tango – Can’t Stop The Rush (93 Remix)

I’m posting this once since Odi dropped it in Boston on Friday, and it still kills. Tango and Ratty are about as good as 92-94 stuff gets, either each on their own, collaborating together or with others, writing tracks or DJ’ing. This tune stays true to that. Rather than being a radically different remake of the original “can’t stop the rush”, it just improves it in minor ways – taking the “let’s rock” sample from the original (sampled from the movie Aliens) and scratching it up, reversing bits of the piano, adding much heavier beats, etc. Pure class.

Tango – Can’t Stop The Rush (Remix)

3 Replies to “Tango – Can’t Stop The Rush (93 Remix)”

  1. Yo carlos CRUSHED shit that night!!! Seriously one of the best sets Ive heard him play in a long time..I was mashed up off them 180 vodkas but…no i shouldnt say that sounds like it wasnt actually a good set cuz it was. good times though for sho!

  2. Yeah I was pretty trashed on those vodkas and dancing like a loon the whole time so I can’t remember many details of his set, other than him ending with Hyper On Experience TIME STRETCH my favorite song! And a pretty obscure one at that. Would have expected a hands in the air anthem or something but he went for the deep sick mashed up stuff which was A-OK in my book.

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