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On Remand – Controllin’ (Tango Remix)

Here’s a favorite of mine. Tango can do no wrong in my opinion, and this track is up there with his best tunes. Starting with a classic sample from the Outer Limits and an excellent not-so-often-used break (James Brown “Soul Pride”), this “Controllin” remix quickly breaks down into some moody synths ala Johnny Jungle’s “Flammable”, before dropping a megaton of heavy chopped amens, stabbing bass and diva shrieks on us. Stripped down, but heavy and effective – simply awesome stuff.

On Remand – Controllin’ (Tango Remix)

4 Replies to “On Remand – Controllin’ (Tango Remix)”

  1. Also one of my favorite old skool tracks. I have it on White and to this day never never knew it was Tango. Cheers for posting it up.

    The likkle spins backs and the breaks are classic.

  2. The tune is outstanding but I have a problem with downloading it. Could you re-up it please? Thank you.

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