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On Remand – Controllin’ (Tango Remix)

Here’s a favorite of mine. Tango can do no wrong in my opinion, and this track is up there with his best tunes. Starting with a classic sample from the Outer Limits and an excellent not-so-often-used break (James Brown “Soul Pride”), this “Controllin” remix quickly breaks down into some moody synths ala Johnny Jungle’s “Flammable”, before dropping a megaton of heavy chopped amens, stabbing bass and diva shrieks on us. Stripped down, but heavy and effective – simply awesome stuff.

On Remand – Controllin’ (Tango Remix)

4 Replies to “On Remand – Controllin’ (Tango Remix)”

  1. Also one of my favorite old skool tracks. I have it on White and to this day never never knew it was Tango. Cheers for posting it up.

    The likkle spins backs and the breaks are classic.

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