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Area 39 – Attitude

Here’s an underrated 94 tune which I played on Sunday’s Radio show. Unlike the first couple EPs, some of the 94-95 Bear Necessities tunes are really excellent, especially ones Matt Quinn (aka Optical) was involved with: NUT-E 1 & Technarchy – Tuneful / You Cannot EP, Matt’s Head F.U.K. EP, Phat + Futuristic EP, and this EP by him and Nut-E-1, “Attitude”. Taking an obvious Madonna “Vogue” sample (“Ladies with an attitude”) which could be cheesy in most contexts, Area 39 instead pair it with sinister pads (the first of which remind me of Plasmic Life – Death Trip), melodic bleeps, eerie stretched vocal samples and great chopped kickback breaks. While “Attitude” isn’t massively layered or dense, there’s enough sounds thrown in throughout the track to keep the whole thing interesting and very listenable till the end. Also, of all the tunes I see talked about when it comes to 93-94 darkside, I can’t say I’ve seen this one listed anywhere… given how that style seems to be the soup du jour these days, here’s a chance to grab one of the records in that style which HASN’T gone way up in price the past year or so…

Attitude – Attitude

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