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Happy Valentine’s Day: “Sweet Love” Collection

In honor of Valentine’s Day (and as an excuse to do a stupid themed post), here’s a bunch of jungle versions of “Sweet Love”.
The primary version is of course the massive M-Beat one.. if you know jungle you know this one. I went ahead and ripped my copy of it, but then checked and noticed that it’s already for sale on loads of legit mp3 stores. So go pick up this track at one of those, plus some of the other classic Renk records tunes. It’s always nice when labels get their collections up digitally so even people who don’t collect vinyl can still support!
Buy “Sweet Love” From: [iTunes] [Juno] [Amazon]
Here’s a clip of the tune being performed live on Top of the Pops… big up the keytar massive!

The second best known version of this tune has to go to Vibes & Wishdokta for their “Sweetest Love” bootleg. Wishdokta sure was great at cranking out no-nonsense fun catchy bootlegs/tracks (see the entire “Naughty Naughty” label), and this is no exception – combining the classic Anita Baker acapella with a tough Funky Mule break and some nice incidental vocal samples later in the tune, I might even prefer this one to the original M-Beat version (though some of the alternate mixes definitely are on par with this).

Vibes & Wishdokta – Sweetest Love

Here’s a much less known version of the track by 2 Dutch producers named J&J, no doubt somewhat cashing in on the popularity of the M-beat verison. I grabbed a copy of this since there’s a certain alternate version of “Sweet Love” that I heard a long time ago in some jungle documentary, and have been trying to track down ever since. Unfortunately, this turned out not to be it. This version is err, OK I guess, not as good as their version of “Sweetest Taboo” (which again doesn’t fully capture the choppy nature of jungle drums but does alright otherwise). I’m posting it anyway since it’s always interesting to hear people outside of the UK producing jungle tracks back then, and who knows it might be an unknown want for someone…

J&J – Sweet Love

This final track has nothing to do with the Anita Baker song at all, and doesnt’ use any resung vocals etc. However it has the same name AND is quite a cool jungle track which can be picked up for next to nothing. So I figure I’ll post it in lieu of the M-Beat one 🙂

Jack Speed & DJ Mister-E – Sweet Love

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  1. ah nice, yeah I prefer the other side probably, posted this one since it had the same name as the m-beat tune. I’ve got the record, I’ll rip it / send the other side.

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