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J&J – “Sweetest Taboo” & “Boom Boom”

Here’s a 95 jungle Sade remix by Dutch producers released on a French label. This means that the producer duo who did this is NOT the same J&J as from Stricty Underground, instead these two were Eurodance/Happy Hardcore producers most likely jumping the jungle bandwagon when tracks like “Incredible” blew up. You can kind of hear this fact in the production – the beats are very loopy for a 95 track and don’t have the layers or lengthier patterns/variations that most jungle percussion had built up by 95. On the plus side, there’s actually a decent breakbeat in there somewhere (“give it up or turn it loose”), it’s just mixed in quite low and the overall impression is a bit underwhelming. That being said, it’s hard to go wrong with Sade + jungle, so I figure I’s worth a post.

Depending which version of the EP you have, there’s 1-2 bonus tracks (in addition to their cover of “sweet love” ), of which I’m including the rarer of the two. This tune (“Boom Boom”) was just on the French pressing, and has decent music but is thrown off by the awful vocal delivery. The vocals have that ragga-eurodance kind of feel to them, more Ice MC than Daddy Freddy. That’s not a killer for me in of itself (though I’m sure it would be for some people), what makes it almost painful to listen to is the amateurness of them and the fact that there’s no energy. Shame since I can almost hear some interesting stuff going on with the growly bass in the background, if this had been an instrumental it might have been a decent tune!! Regardless, I know people like to check obscurities here not posted elsewhere on the net, and I’m guessing this one isn’t up anywhere else… so here you go!

J&J- Sweetest Taboo
J&J – Boom Boom

3 Replies to “J&J – “Sweetest Taboo” & “Boom Boom””

  1. Woof. been looking for this off & on for… uh… like… 25 years? Got this version of Sweetest Taboo as part of a Drum & Bass V/A disc when I was in LA in… maybe 96? Nice to finally find THIS version. The one I remember. Thanks.

  2. I heard it at a party in Dallas, TX in 95-96 at a party in Fair Park. it stopped me in my tracks. Found it shortly thereafter as a White Label pressing in Dallas with the words “Sweetest Tabootleg” !!!! HAHA….Love this track. Thank you.

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