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Flat 47 – Rooftop EP

Here’s a moderately well known darkside EP, prob best known for one tune being included in a number of Kickin related jungle comps. The tune that usually shows up everywhere is “Hideaway”, which is a quite good darkside jam (with someber synths, matching female vox and cut up kickback breakbeat). I thought about posting that one but figure a lot of people might already know it, so here’s a different tune from the same EP. The vocals in this don’t really match the synth quite as well as in “Hideaway”, and in general this tune is probably a bit more schizophrenic (loads of change-ups not necessarily connected, with some parts better than others) but that’s definitely part of the charm in these tunes! Besides, when this one breaks down into just funky mule and 28 gun bad boy dub hits it’s just too damn good. The Rooftep EP usually goes for a decent amount second-hand, but it’s worth keeping a lookout for as all four tracks are quite strong.

Flat 47 – I Wanna Tell You

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  1. One of my favourite EP’s – these guys were also responsible for the B-Free EP, as well as another release under the Flat 47 moniker – No Man’s Land/Do You Understand, also on Kickin’, and also well worth checking out.

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