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Macka Brown – Peoples Station

Seriously nice ragga hardcore here… if you haven’t read about him on this site before, Macka Brown is half of Bug Khan and the Plastic Jam, and aside from his Bug Khan tracks is probably best known for the 92 feel good anthem “Go Down Baby”. Aside from that though, he did a number of other cool EPs, both under his own name (such as The Princess of the Posse whitelabel EP) and as Princess of the Posse (who did these two cool EPs). This tune is definitely inline with the other MB stuff, combining catchy dancehall hooks and vocals (in this case Home T Featuring Cocoa T & Cutty Ranks “Pirates Anthem”) with solid breakbeats and hardcore stabs. “Peoples Station” was released on the first Labello Blanco compilation album “Story So Far”, which is a 3-track-per-side triplepack where half of the tunes are released, half unreleased. Definitely a must-buy if you like your 92s, since you end up getting 9 unreleased LB tracks plus 9 of the better pre-93 ones on that label.

Macka Brown – Peoples Station

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  1. I have this and the Christmas selection box 2, although most of the time I only play Smokey Joe Friday Night, which seems to be different to the crimewatch project version. Don’t know if it was ever released as a single 12. Great compilations, and worth a bit of money now, or so Ive heard.

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