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Psychic Parasite – Re-Animator EP

I’m a big fan of Biochip C’s breakbeat stuff, as evidenced by the number of great tunes I’ve already posted by him in various guises. This is one of my favorite EPs by him, a strong 5 tracker where EVERY track is a killer. Not sure how it would fit into uk stuff at the time, as rather than having the breakwork of more 93 hardcore/jungle tunes, this ep kind of feels like 91-92 on overdrive (way faster than usual), with a relentlessness paralleling other german pre-breakcore stuff of the time like the white breaks eps, the destroyer ep etc. I’m sure it would have fit nicely into an Easygroove set though 😉

I’m not even posting my typical favorite from this EP, just a random track which struck me while listening to this a week ago since I already know the others so well.
Aside from the tunes being good, this EP is also a pretty cheap and easy to find. It never was super rare but I think I paid at least 10 pounds for it ~12 years ago and now I see it for $4 US so… don’t be cheap, grab a copy!! Big respect to Martin Biochip, definitely want to interview him at some point for this site.

Psychic Parasite – Freaking Around

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  1. Force Inc was one of my favorite labels bitd. They had major variety of sounds, from acid techno to wickedest breakbeat hardcore. 😉

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