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Jack Horner – After Midnight

Longtime personal favorite here, and a cheap one at that! as I’ve written about before, Jack Horner has a high “hit/miss” ratio in terms of releases – just a few under his own name (this self titled on face I posted years ago, plus two including this one on his label Spectrum), but they’re all excellent. Plus he seemed to have a knack for some great collabs – with DJ Pulse on Creative Wax 001 (serious tune!!), with Bad Influence, and as part of Point Blank who did the classic “Cape Fear” track I’ve played a few times on my radio show.
“After midnight” does a great job combining frantic breakbeats (heavily chopped Kool is Back amongst others) with more laid back, melodic vocals and formidable sub content. There’s also ragga sections which peak in, some orchestra bits, etc – lots of ideas crammed into this track. Definitely the kind of tune I love to find on a cheap unassuming EP!

Jack Horner – After Midnight

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  1. mp3 sounds a bit wonky, will rerecord when I have a moment… for now just buy the record it’s like $3!!

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