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Jack Horner EP

Jack Horner is one of those great forgotten artists from the 92-95 period with only a handful of releases, but where every release is great. Aside from doing an EP with Bad Influence which is good and very in demand, he did the great Summer in the south EP which is For sale on Digital direct from the label. “After Midnight” is a great choppy 94 style track, with nicely chopped beats. Finally, “The Hoover / I got this feeling” is as solid of a 1995 EP as you’ll find, with crazy chopped amens and massive bass. Before any of those though you had his first EP on Face Records – a solid slab of 92 dark hardcore.

Jack Horner – Jack Horner EP track A1

6 Replies to “Jack Horner EP”

  1. Remember this one from Top Buzz-set.. Hmmm.. Sounds like Predator- movie was sampled here.. 😉

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