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Awesome rave parties near me that none of you care about since you all live in the UK or Europe

Hey, I’m doing a party in Boston with my old dj crew:

It’s going to be a kind of “post-party” to the massive NASA reunion going on in New York the Saturday before, featuring 808 state, n-joi, mark, fierce ruling diva etc:

There’s also a sick techno party going on that Saturday the 21st for anyone in Boston who can’t make it to new york: ADAM X playing a 4 hour set in Boston:

Altern-8 one in Boston gonna be super fun, not a strict oldskool party since my crew is kind of known for varied sets but I’ll definitely throw some proper anorak oldskool stuff in there (and Mark is playing an all 92-93 breakbeat hardcore set). I’m also curating a “best of” oldskool amiga demos thing, which our buddy is going to be VJ’ing using custom processing/webgl/html5 web based vj tools (??!! I don’t even understand but guess I will when I see it used live!). So if you liked that Jesus on E’s video, prepare for some frantic clips of those chopped up throughout the night.

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