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Jesus On E (Amiga Scene Demo)

Edit: I just checked and it looks like Mulder beat me to the punch, mentioning this demo in a comment re: the Urban Shakedown MOD I posted a while back… still deserves its own post though! – Pete
I can’t believe I’ve never posted this… maybe I have and just forgot?? Either way it deserves posting/reposting…. classic Amiga scene demo business!! The tune here (if you can call it that, it’s more of a 26 minute rave epic) mashes up bits from countless classic rave jams:

Here’s a downloadable version:
Jesus on Es (DIVX Download)
plus downloads of DIVX versions of other demos:
Amiga Scene Demo DIVXs

Finally, here’s MOD files for the music:
Jesus on Es Mods
taken from the original author’s website

9 Replies to “Jesus On E (Amiga Scene Demo)”

  1. I remeber this. I had a mate who was a total maths nerd who used to program on the Amiga… spliffs and jesus on E in his bedroom in 1993.

    Ah the memories.

  2. yeah I thought about posting that one too, it’s good but I like Jesus on E’s more because of the crazier visuals. music is done by the same person I think, you can grab the MOD files on the same site I link to above.

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