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Skeeta Ranks – I Like it (Jungle Mix)

After jungle first started blowing up in 94/95, lots of jungle remixes began popping up on more mainstream hiphop and rnb releases. Already featured heavily on UK pressed dancehall releases by labels like Jet Star and Fashion, these new remixes were a bit more dodgey since they were a mixture of original/legit heads and opportunistic johnny-come-lately’s. Thankfully, it doesn’t get more legit than the guys who did this remix. New Blood has got to be one of the best ragga jungle producers of all time, with just a full few records to their name but where each one is an absolute scorcher – “Worries in the Dance” is one of the top few ragga jungle tracks ever, featured on countless jungle comps back in the day as well as still popping up on oldskool throwback comps. “My Sound” is a serious ragga jungle tune which I now HEAVILY regret not picking up 5-10 years ago when I used to see it in the 15-20 pound range (figuring It’d eventually go down in price)… now it seems to be fetching upwards of $100 :O Even if those tracks are a bit pricey/hard to find, New Blood did a few excellent remixes on labels like Jet star, Greensleeves, Street Tuff and even Island Recordings. This is probably one of the less well known ones, on Nervous Sublabel “Weeded Records” (hehe). Serious choppy jungle beats combined with solid enough ragga and r+b vocals, also quite easy to find and cheap to nab.. nice solid track here!

Skeeta Ranks – I Like (Jungle Mix)

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