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DJ Dara 91 mix

Now that the radio show has been up for a bit, time to post up the Dara mix at full bitrate (320Kbps), along with a tracklist.

Like I mentioned before, this one was a doozie..while featuirng loads of memorable tracks, it bypasses a lot of the biggest tracks of the time in favor of slept on jams. I feel like I’ve written some slightly modified version of that sentence about 4 or 5 times now, but it’s true!! It also happens to one of the primary goals of this blog (to try to feature lesser known tracks, while still posting tunes which are actually really good and memorable, not just hyper-rare or impossible to track down). Check the Strictly Underground mini-mix towards the beginning, 4 or 5 tracks of their best!! (“This is London” is a personal favorite that I love opening slower sets with).

Dara – ’91 mix for Blog to the Oldskool

Inner City – Let It Reign (Reese Hardcore Mix)- 10 Records
Indo Tribe – Owl – Jumpin & Pumpin
Noise Engineer – Lets Go – Strictly Underground
Sonic Experience 2 – Phuture Is Now – Strictly Underground
Tigers In Space – Untitled Revolution – Strictly Underground
Sonic Experience – Protein – Strictly Underground
Sonic Experience – M.T.S. – Strictly Underground
Circuit Breaker – Overkill – Probe
Passion Flower – In Soul Motion – Seventh Sense
Magus Project – Shoss – The White Label
P & C – Kiss The Ground – White
Digital Excitation – Dream Party Remix – Mikki House
Destroyer – The Senses – Target
World Dominance – Compression – Powertraxx
6 Bells All – Me The Mailman – Rhythm
Brainstorm – Rock Da House – Instinct
Attica – Get Funky (Get Down) – After Dark
Engineer’s Revenge – Sounds Of Euro – Detroit House
Adam X and Frankie Bones – Waiting For My Shell To Crack – Fabulous
Nu-Tro-Gen – Rollin Reptiles – Thunderpussy
Church Of Extacy – Babbahouse – Adam & Eve
Overnite – Time Has Come (Original) – Buzz
Nasty Django – Ey Loco! – Dance Ecstasy 2001
Eat Static – Medicine Wheel – Alien

9 Replies to “DJ Dara 91 mix”

  1. yup, maybe I was wrong about it being an exclusively 91 mix… I think the 92 tunes sound early late91/early 92 though, all definitely slower pace. As you pointed out there’s even a 93 one since it’s more technoey, which still fits in with the 91 stuff.

  2. Quality set that I’ll have to burn for the car. The Shoss track is all about the intro, the main body of the tune is only ok imho but must still must have sounded mint in 91. My favourite has to be Indo Tribe – Owl.

  3. Been hammering this in the car all week also & gotta’ say it’s a stormer of a mix. 🙂

    Never heard P & C – Kiss The Ground before, huge Choon! \o/

  4. Glad you all like it. I think I loved 1991 so much cos there was a lot of weird cross-breeding of sounds going on and all around the same tempo. By 1992 the hardcore had sped up so much that it limited what it could be mixed with.

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