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Someone, somewhere must know about this unknown white label – VR001

note: this was originally posted by will/sublogic – pete
For my first post here, it’s an unknown white label and a plea for any information about this – not one person I’ve played this to has any idea what it is, including the Discogs seller that mis-sold it to me as VR001 – Dr. Skuf – Sensi / The More I Get The More I Want (

The vinyl does indeed have the same etching as Dr. Skuf in the runout – VR001 – and it’s a three track EP, so again just like Dr. Skuf, and this copy I have here has written in biro on one side “VR001 – Dr Skuf” and then, strangely, ” Ruff No. 2″ and “Vibe Records” in biro on the other side.

There’s no Vibe Records on Discogs or Rolldabeats with a matching release, so the only thing that makes any sense is that the VR001 catalogue number implies Vibe Records, release 001.

Anyway, all that boring stuff aside it’s a really good three track EP! But it’s definitely not the Dr. Skuf release. In fact, the three tunes on it are hard to even compare to anything as guesswork. One sounds a bit like a classic mid-’93 Basement Records tune, one sounds similar to a 4 Hero / Tom & Jerry production, and the last one sounds like a typical obscure ’92 or ’93 bedroom white, something like Reckless B – Crackman or some of the earlier Bogwoppa or Vicious Pumping Plastic releases.

Here’s all three tracks as MP3s – can anyone solve this? At the moment it’s a mystery artist on a mystery label, and the only copy I’ve ever seen in many years of buying and selling old skool vinyl. Really curious about this…

6 Replies to “Someone, somewhere must know about this unknown white label – VR001”

  1. Sorry, I don’t know anything about this release, I’ve never heard of it until now.

    I suggest you add it to discogs. You have the important information about it on the vinyl:

    Artist: Dr Skuf
    Label: Vibe Records
    Catalogue Number: VR001
    Release Name: Ruff No. 2

    I’ll do it if you want.

  2. I forgot to mention, as this release is on different “Vibe Records” to any currently on discogs, you will need to name the label “Vibe Records (6)”.

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