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Nomad – Devotion (Hard Step Mix)

Sorry about the delay in posting… laptop dying so I’ve been working on fixing it + busy w/ other misc stuff.
Here’s a track to make up for it – a 95 jungle bootleg remix of a cheese-house chart-topper from 1990. Despite Nomad being pretty far from jungle/hardcore, this record isn’t the only connection Nomad have to oldskool stuff. Steve McCutcheon (1/3 of the group) actually did a number of classic hardcore projects on Elicit including Bubbles, DJ Splix, and The Psychopaths. Oh yeah, he also did a hardcore rave remix of Tetris 🙂

This remix is much later though – 95 intro pads, some lighter beats (cold sweat break) leading to the “wanna give you devotion” vocal (which actually sounds quite nice here) , before well chopped, layered and pitch shifted breaks drop in. Not super involved, but all the elements are really nice especially for a bootleg release. The artist behind it (Def 7) was also responsible for a remix of Formula 7 on the euro presses of “Dance With Me” and a few others, leading me to believe he might be based out of Germany? Either that or it’s just an alias of Formula 7.

Nomad – Devotion (Hard Step Mix)

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  1. hehehe i used to nock about with mikee freedom way way back when nomad was in the charts with the original of this tune, never erd thismix tho. luvit!

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