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Michael Jackson, look what you’ve done!

Here’s a slept-on track that’s easy to find. It isn’t a massive rager, and it took me a while to get into it, but after hearing it a few times over the years it’s definitely sunk in for me.

Main things of note:

  • The Michael Jackson vocal bits, which actually work with the tune and don’t sound cheesy.
  • The synth part sounds pretty normal at first, but towards the end of the song they solo the synth and it almost sounds as if the midi is starting to go.
  • Sick growly bassline

Bubbles – We Can Ride The Boogie (Rock With You)

4 Replies to “Michael Jackson, look what you’ve done!”

  1. props for all your work finding/ripping these tunes… 1992-94 uk breakbeat/hardcore still blows me away today. Unlike 98% of today’s Drum’n’Bass output (yawn.).

    thx from DC

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