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Jungletrain radio show 5/9/2012 – mp3 and tracklist

Show last night was really fun, thanks for the regulars who tuned in (Dustone, ImaginaryForces, Ombrios, DavidL et all). Ended up being a fairly moody but not super-dark set of 93-95 stuff (just a few diversions into the dark stuff), letting tracks play a lot longer than usual. Definitely fit my mood to a T, and it was good to hear other people tuned in wanting to hear stuff like that as well… certainly wasn’t in any mood to play happy hardcore or anthemy hardcore. Tried to end with some ragga jungle to bring the mood up a bit, nothing too crazy though.

No stuff from the blog played this time, really just a crate of vinyl I grabbed a little bit before the show and slung together in haphazard fashion.
Last 30 minutes got cut off, but they were less than awesome anyway as I was running back and forth pulling ragga jungle vinyl from my shelves record by record trying to mix it in time. I’ll try to do a real ragga jungle set some point in the future though I don’t dig for that stuff nearly as much as raggajungle specialist DJs

Blog to the oldskool 5-10-2012 tracklisting
(* = request)
T-Power – Circle
T-Power – Square
Outlaw – Searchin
Hyper-on Experience – Disturbance
Flex – Dreams
Tango – Understanding
Brother T + Dylan Dog – Herbalist tenemant
A-Sides + Nut – e -1 – Bell tune
Goldie – Rider’s Ghost
FOI – Learning From My Brother
White Label – Physics
DJ Devine + Essence – What Game Ya Play?
T-Power – Lipsing Jam Ring
Hopa + Bones Feat Oaysis – Mystical Horns
A-sides – My Mind (Bubblehead Mix)
Renegade – Something I feel
Slipmaster J – Groundhog Day
Hello Lover (Desired State Remix)
Chimeira – Deeper Life*
Mind Therapy – Heart of the Jungle
Sponge – The Crash *
Nosebleed – Right Nostrl *
Vertigo – Caution
Red One – The Futurist
Wishdokta – River of Dreams
Metalheads – Angel
DJ Harry + Point Blank – Cape Feare (Original Mix) *
Invisible Man – The Beginning
Amazon 2 – Deep in the Jungle (DJ Rap Remix)
Hired Gun – Pow
Harri + Eddie – Devil in the Dark
Jason Ball – Hornz for 94
DJ Crystl – Crystalize
Peshay – World of Music
DJ Nut Nut – Big Tings (The Dream)
DJ Monk – I Spy
Dubtronix – Kill Some Sounds
Mind Therapy – Love is What We Need

devnull – blog to the oldskool radio 5-10-2012.mp3

5 Replies to “Jungletrain radio show 5/9/2012 – mp3 and tracklist”

  1. Hot, hot, hot mix… Nice and deep. Finally “liked” you on FB so I can catch these live!

  2. I can’t believe there are only two responses to this post. There were a tonne of people locked in and in the chat room so how about dropping by to show some appreciation and thanks for all the work Pete does digging so you don’t have to. Tut.

    Anyway, huge props to Pete, the only person I know who can still drop the odd Hardcore tune that I either don’t have or don’t know.

  3. Starting the journey… With all these T Power tracks and a quick look at the track listing, it should be a good one.

  4. thanks, some of the mixing is a bit less than ideal because I was grabbing requests etc, but def happy with the tunes! Got to get you guest DJ’ing on one of these shows soon.

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