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Hyper-On Experience

Hyper on Experience are my favorite hardcore/jungle act ever. No other group finds such a sweet spot between experimentalism and, for lack of a better term, dancy-ness… combining well written melodies with crazy chopped drums and unique programming. “Deaf In the Family” is probably their best EP, since it’s at the peak of both their melody writing and choppy drumming. It has great artwork too.

Here’s a treat I found on an another blog which has since been taken down – a 1992 demo from the group. It was originally ripped by MattyC on B2VOS from a promo tape the group gave him. The tape itself sounds like it was recorded sometime between the release of their first and second EP, since there are complete songs from the first EP, but just 1 possible early version of a song from the second EP. What’s great about this tape is that most of these tracks were never released, and never appeared in any mixes which I’ve heard. They’re a lot rougher than most later Hyper-On stuff, but just as amazing.

Hyper-On Experience – 1992 Demo

1. Unknown (“fantasies are no escape”)
2. Unknown (“give yourself to me”)
3. Unknown (“can’t wait tonight”)
4. The Frightener
5. H.E. Anthem
6. Unknown (“we’re all dancing on a thin line”)
7. Unknown – possibly an early version of “Assention (to the 9th level)”, since it uses chunks from that tune.

You can buy “Deaf in the Family” on RHAPSODY or ITUNES. Here’s the EP on Youtube:
Hyper On Experience – Deaf in the Family
A1. Time Stretch [YOUTUBE]
A2. Lords of the Null Lines (Original [YOUTUBE])
B1. Imajicka (Smiley Rock Mix)
B2. Thundergrip [YOUTUBE]

6 Replies to “Hyper-On Experience”

  1. Wow. Thanks so much for uploading this demo tape – I can’t wait to hear it. I’ve always been a HoE anorak so this is like a dream come true!

    I think I have all the available vinyl releases, remixes etc so would be good to know if there are any more obscurities out there..

    Thanks again


  2. Oh my.. I finally found this hidden gem! Excellent! Big thanks, Pete! 🙂

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