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Defiance – Hand In Hand

Here’s a track I played in the last two blog to the oldskool streams, figure it’s time to post it. Absolute favorite as of late, not particularly good breaks but just a winning combo of Joe Smooth – Promised Land samples with a fast stacatto hardcore melody. I’m almost positive the “Defiance” linked to in discogs isn’t the right one, can’t imagine Roman Flugel was involved with this. It could also be by another artist under an alias due to the massive (no doubt unauthorized) sampling in this track. Anyone know who it was by?

Defiance – Hand In Hand
Also, here’s the original Joe Smooth track if you don’t know it (for shame!)

Not sure which version of the track is sampled in “Hand In Hand”, I’m sure there’s many since this has to be in the top 10 of all-time classic Chicago songs.

8 Replies to “Defiance – Hand In Hand”

  1. Nice post, not seen this knocking around on tinterweb before…? Played out by DJ Sy in his legendary Obsession – The Dream set in Feb ’93 for the train spotters out there… 😉

  2. thanks for the mix ID, was trying to remember if I’d heard it in any mixes before but was coming up blank.

  3. I remember when this one first came out. My mate kep saying “It’s techno, it’s techno”. Boy, was he wrong! This is hardcore Jungle through and through.

  4. Ben, will try to sort you out a clip later today or tommorow…. I remember liking it, obv was good enough for them to consider it the actual “A” side instead of that joe smooth remix 🙂

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