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Atomik – 1.0

OK, so I’m definitely still in the “posting less but higher quality” mode.. here’s a track that’s I’ve been spinning out a lot the past couple years. It’s probably one of my top go-to tracks if I want to throw a little oldschool in a non-oldschool focused set, without resorting to big anthems or a track screaming RAAAAAVE!!!. Despite being a 93 track, “1.0” isd pretty slow (~140 if I remember right) and has a classic b-boy electro melody plus some nice acid bits and solid breaks… nothing too crazy sounding, but if anything that ends up making it work well in a variety of mixing situations. Other tracks on the EP are good as well, but sound a bit more classic 91-92 and would be more appropriate for a proper oldskool set. Since this is the one I reach for the most, here you go…

Atomik – 1.0
Aside from this EP, Atomik did 3 others, one of which I posted here last year. They’re all pretty great and worth tracking down, I finally just got The last one from 1994 this year and will try to get around to posting it some time.

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  1. Yeah, dunno why there’s none for sale as the have/want ratio isn’t that extreme… I got my copy some years ago, not through discogs though.

    Also, makes me really happy that people are reliably buying records enough from this blog that they notice when I post stuff which isn’t for sale 🙂

  2. HA!!! Checked on ebay and got one for £3 !!!

    (I got it direct from Netrunner which is the label/artist I think)

  3. Thanks for posting this… I was the “Mik” in Atomik (along with the Tom) and haven’t heard it in ages.

    Brings back loads of memories making #1.0 with an Amiga, SPD8 and DR550. Good times.


  4. thanks for leaving a comment, always great to hear from the artists behinds the releases I post.. makes doing the blog worthwhile!
    If you don’t mind me asking, how did all that recording gear work together / what did you use for what? SPD8 – do you mean that roland octapad thing? Also Curious about the DR550 since I thought that didn’t have sample capabilities.. maybe it was used for backing drums to the breakbeats?

  5. Hi

    I am “Tom” from Atomik – nice to see people still enjoying it 20 years on!
    Most of the tracks on the 6 track ep were written in ’91, with final mixing etc. going in to ’92. However, as the ep was a college project and self-funded, vanity took over and I wanted a colour sleeve and more tracks included and this took the release date to late ’92. I had 1993 put on the sleeve to make it look a fresh release for the new year. I also had problems with the distributors “Great Asset” who, I didn’t realise, were going under. This lead to the ep being released again by “Mo’s Music Machine”.
    However, all these delays meant that it missed the boat, and was too slow and too ’91-92 sounding!

    Personally, I still regard the ep as a better production than #3.0/#3.1, but sold nowhere near the quantity.

    In answer to your questions for Mick, all sequencing and sampling was on the Amiga 500, using Music X – great program! The SPD8 pads were one of the first modern instruments to have the 808 sounds on it – which featured on most tracks.

    I do still have new copies of ep, but only private copies of the other 2 records.



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