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Head Factor – Nuff Respect

More small label business here, in the form of a solid 91 style piano hardcore track. You get a classic piano part (not sure if original/sampled) plus the classic “RESPECT – KISSING” combo vocal as used in this later Origination track (making me think that maybe these both are in some other acapella together which these hardcore tunes sample from). The “Nuff Respect” title is appropriate since, in the style of some earliest hardcore singles, you end up getting 3 separate mixes of the same “respect” tune rather than different tracks on the EP. Not a lot of bang-for-buck in that sense, but definitely some variety between the mixes (in particular the B2 mix adds some nice stacatto bass). Also, this record tends to go for pretty cheap so still well worth seeking out.

Head Factor – Nuff Respect

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