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Cyanide 45 – Notice Me

I’ve been so caught up in posting mega obscure bargain bin tracks, it’s been a while since I posted a proper rare & heavily sought after CLASSIC – no question, this track fits the bill! “Notice Me” is one of those tunes like Insomnia – Nostalgic that manages to inject a fair bit of melancholy into an otherwise euphoric 92-93 hardcore tune. Alternating between pounding rave stabs and pianos/female vocals, you get that sort of happy schizophrenia which oldschool is known for.

Also of note is the B side (“Deep Thrust Telescopic Probe”), which samples the Jets “Crush On You” (later sampled in Alane Braxe & Fred Falke “Intro” for you french house fans). Great track as well!

Shame about the current prices it’s going for, it’s definitely not a cheap tune but these seem ridiculous. In general though, while the value of some obscure white labels may seem absurd, this tune definitely deserves it’s sought after nature – all it takes is a listen or two in order to get either track stuck in your head.

Cyanide 45 – Notice Me

6 Replies to “Cyanide 45 – Notice Me”

  1. Bought this last year off discogs.Think i paid about £70 or £80 just on the recommendation on a site (can’t remember which one) as not even hearing it before.You can imagine the relief i had when it came and found it was well worth taking the gamble. To be honest i never listen to Notice Me,for me the track on here is Deep Thrust Telescopic Probe.It is an absolute Pounder!!! Although after listening to Notice Me now i think it might grow on me in time. Thanks for post pete!

  2. This is one of the best White labels released in ’92 in my opinion… Both tracks are absolute belters… 🙂

  3. Never been a fan of either of these tracks to be honest, and I don’t remember them being huge anthem tunes on the pirates at the time so I really don’t understand the vast sums of money that people seem to be paying and asking for.

    With regard to sampling “Crush on You” you forgot to mention the classic Dica & Vinyl Groove – Weekend Rush E.P. Part 2 – Rush On You, a favourite of mine.

  4. I don’t have #2 or 5 of those weekend rush EPs…. just 1, 3 and 4. Just listened to that track on # 2 and it’s a different sample from “Crush on you”. The sample used here was also in Static Substance – “Happiness” though.

    A lot of the tunes that go for big bucks now weren’t super well known originally (played in loads of mixes or all over pirate radio), some tracks got play but it’s mostly once people hoover up more well known tunes on big labels, they tend to turn their attention to “the ones that got away”: maybe a track that was in one mixtape they used to love or that one particular DJ used to play a lot. (why there’s so many small label “easygroove classics” or “ratty classics”). Or just some random thing they found on discogs or saw people mentioning in a message board.

  5. DJ Sy played this at Fantazia Summertime…. probably goes some way towards it’s popularity as the tape got rinsed everywhere throughout the summer of ’92 😉

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