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Lennie De Ice – We Are i.e. (original Reel 2 Reel / i.e. pressing)

So much has already been written about this tune… to sum it up for the n00bz: this is basically THE track in many people’s minds which invented jungle, or at least provided the prototype combo of amen break + ragga bassline. One of the top classic tunes of all time., it’s been redone and remixed many times (energy-deprived “future bass” remix to pop up any day now on, I’m sure 😛 ) but the original is still the one.
Vocal sample from:

My copy is ripped from the Reel 2 Reel / i.e. record.. two labels associated with Cool Hand Flex and the De Undeground record label / shop. It’s pretty battered for obvious reasons. There’s probably good quality from-DAT copies of other early mixes of the track for sale on your favorite mp3 store so please support the artist / whoever licensed his track last and buy from there!

Lennie De Ice – We R I.E (RTOR version)

13 Replies to “Lennie De Ice – We Are i.e. (original Reel 2 Reel / i.e. pressing)”

  1. Damn, never knew that about dBridge… that guy is still making some amazing tunes! (that “Panic Girl” remix was A++/good communication/would buy from again) Guess it’s not out of the question since he did make that heavily sought after Sewer Monsters EP.

  2. anyone know the source of that “rewinding” sound that appears at :07 sec in this tune?? much appreciate!!

  3. hey Pete – i think the rewind sound came from the simon harris breaks series on music of life records.

  4. I am Lennie De Ice the creator of we are ie,released 1st on IE records the reason why you have reel2reel label on the was that flex & uncle22 were apart of john’s label..
    it was original recording was 1988 remastered @Shadowland Studio East London.
    There is alot of talk about who was responsible for this tune there is only one person that that created it, Dbridge & GMC Blood originally sewage monster linked up with ArmsHouse crew Rec in 1993/4 which formed the Dubb Hussler .Before (poison ep & stuff on Do or Die rec )
    Archive to be released soon.You can catch me now as one half of the outfit called Madd Ice QC producing Ragga Jungle & our own style called Dubkinetic multi fusion dance music. LdAT7

  5. Yo yo yo ..Lennie must link up …its (Assassin and Son) win and dee..been years.

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