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Sy-uss & Reality – Tribal Instinct (Justice’s Remix)

Deep atmospheric 95 amens are on the plate for tonight’s entry – coupled with one of my favorite breaks (taken from Foul Play “Ricochet”) making this tune one to nab in my opinion Starting out doing some total hardcore anthems with Andrew Wright aka The Moog under the name “Justice + Mercy”, Justice did quite a bit of atmospheric / jazzy jungle in the mid to late 90’s, continuing to do quality dnb to this day on his label Modern Urban Jazz. His “Emotions With Intellect” album (done with Blame) is one of my picks for the top 10 best jungle albums ever, and is definitely a bit underappreciated. Also, his early moving shadow records seem to pop up fairly regularly on the cheap and are all quite good quality / worth checking out. This tune in particular goes for next to nothing – copy for sale now for 99p! In essence, this guy is an oldskool record hunter’s friend – lots of really nice slept-on releases ripe for the picking!

Sy-uss and Reality – Tribal Instinct

3 Replies to “Sy-uss & Reality – Tribal Instinct (Justice’s Remix)”

  1. Love the Justice mix best!! Been enjoying this one since found a few months back 🙂

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