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Oddysey – “Joy of Joy”

Here’s a real obscurity I doubt almost any oldskool fans have had a chance to hear. I’m always on the hunt for weird/out there sounding stuff, and during some recent “obscurity mining” I stumbled on a copy of this record:

Odyssey – Joy Of Joy

It’s a hardcore EP from 1993 featuring really off kilter sounding drums and melodies plus that Ren and Stimpy sample. Not my favorite single ever, but it definitely piqued my interest and made wonder about the artist(s) behind it.
Doing some web searching, I discovered that a couple of the tracks on that EP had also been released digitally on this album:

Despite being released in 2006, almost all the tracks on the album sound like straight up oldskool hardcore/jungle… no updated beats or brand new elements to speak of. The mixdowns sound a bit more recent, but all the track elements are classic and there’s some decent tunes on there for sure: “Get Down to the Sound”, “Set Your Soul On Fire”, “This Generation” and “Hardcore Vibes” being four of the strongest.

After buying a copy of this on Juno, I tracked down one of the artists behind the release(s), named Victor Imbres. This is what he had to say about them:

Joy of Joy was released on white label in 1993. All the tunes were written in 1992 and 1993. We wrote some other hardcore/jungle tunes but lost the masters to those records. I DJed a little back in 1991 and 1992. I am mostly known for co-writting Fragma Toca’s Miracle and writting and producing the Alcatraz Giv Me Luv records. I also worked with Deep Dish and BT from 1993 to 1996.

So, there you have it… not posting the usual 320 rip(s) since this can be bought from most major mp3 stores (juno,trackitdown,emusic). Definitely check out the clips above though and nab it if you like it!

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