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91-92 Hardcore Mix, May 2011

It’s been ages since I bothered to record an oldskool mix. Not sure if it was worth the wait, but here’s a new one in honor of the impending end of earth (or not). It’s 30 minutes, 17 tracks most of which happened to be in the crate nearest to my turntables. Some stuff I’ve posted here in the past, some stuff I’ll post in the future, and some big label stuff I’ll never post. All 91-92 except 2 of the last 3 tracks which are supposedly from 93 but sound pretty 92 style. N-joi!
Grimey 91-92 Hardcore Mix by DevNull-DJ

13 Replies to “91-92 Hardcore Mix, May 2011”

  1. Great work, great blog, you’re one of these guy who “keep it true”. Most people of my generation (born at the late 80’s) don’t know anything about old skool hardcore, ignoring roots of english electronic(a), while dupstep can be heard in every club worldwide… Thanks for knowledge, passion and nostalgia. Greetings from France (and excuse my poor english…)

    Dope mix by the way!

  2. you’ve said something about finding a lot of hardcore/jungle records in portland, oregon, right? what store were you referring to, because i’ve only ever found a handful at one store.

  3. Didn’t find a ton of oldskool there, but I did find some good bits at that store run by the Lo Dubs guy, Also, a few things at that giant used record/cd store that has a few locations in the city (I forget the name now, went to 2 of its locations though). Took some digging at that place though.

    There were a few shops I didn’t get a chance to hit though. Maybe once I start making more new tunes, the guy who booked me will bring me back again some time later this year so I can dig more / go back to that Voodoo Donuts with the good Pinball machines…

  4. It’s on the mp3 once you download it / play it in a player. (in the lyrics section).. tried to do that to promote full downloading /listening instead of clicking through on soundcloud to quickly check individual tracks, which I am guilty of sometimes when checking sc mixes 🙂

  5. Nice mix bro. Can anyone tell me the track at 17:08 or point me to the tracklisting?

  6. Unfortunately, I’ve had no luck viewing the lyrics in Windows Media Player, its driving me crazy id really like to know the track at 17:08-17:45 lol. PLease help 🙂

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